This is an endeavor to equip people with knowledge to understand the financial markets and products available in international market. The objective is to build understanding of various products with respect to their concept in a lucid form, without using heavy jargons or presentations. Thus, it`s not the exhibition of the professional wisdom, rather presenting a concept in as scientific way. So the product can be easily linked to personal investment need, basis the investment objective. Generally seen, investment products are constructed/ presented basis, the opportunities available in the market, returns of underlying securities, risks associated, compliance standards as applicable. This is where the gap start building up. As generally, an investor is grooved in his needs (or many times he is not exactly aware of same as well) and is pushed or inadvertently land up investing in a product, which is not exactly matching his need. It`s like going to shop for a pair of denim jeans and end up buying a denim jacket.